4Fighter BJJ Belt black in various sizes A1 - A5

Item number 4FBJJB black - A4

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The gradation of the belt colors of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu differs from other belt systems. Traditionally, the BJJ ​​belt will be presented by the teacher to the student. This takes place at a "Beltpromotion", achieved belt ceremony based on the success of the students in training and competitions. It does not matter how long the student performs this martial arts already.

  • Made of high quality cotton
  • various colors and sizes available in the shop
  • more-stitched belt for long life


  • A1 = 260cm
  • A2 = 280cm
  • A3 = 300cm
  • A4 = 320cm
  • A5 = 340cm

You're unsure about the size? Then check our size chart

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