4Fighter-PRO FIGHT HARD medium focus pads / pre-curved hand mitts black-black

Item number 4FCML Focus Mitts black-black

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4Fighter-Pro Handpratzen Curved Mitts-medium FIGHT HARD in black-black design
Especially suitable for practice-oriented training of professionals and amateurs in boxing, kick-Thai boxing, freefight / MMA & K-1

Whether straight strokes, upper cuts or hooks, the special padding also absorbs blows from strong athletes. The ergometric shape adapts ideally to the hands and protects the palms, wrists, elbows and shoulder joints, thus relieving the strain on the arms thanks to its top-class workmanship and the many innovative features.

Made of high quality, durable and durable leather
Pre-curved for better adjustment of the hand and for more precise strokes
Innovative cushioning to protect the wrists with optimal filling of the free space
Extra bulge inside the claw for perfect resting of the palm
Optimum hold Thanks to the hand-grip reinforced at the joint and additional Velcro fastener
Weight approx. 500 g per claw // pair approx. 1 kg
Height approx. 24cm / width above approx. 18cm / width below approx. 10cm / thickness of cushion approx. 5cm
FIGHT HARD - the seam at the top does not run on the edge. Thus, the forehead of the batsman is protected from injury and abrasions during boxing (cover corrections) with the claw.
Price per pair

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