4Fighter Carpet Puzzle 20 pack mats 3.4 square meters black 40x40x1.4 cm

Item number 4FMATT-CP schwarz

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Carpet puzzle children's play mat with toothed edges. Ideal as a floor mat for children's rooms and play areas. The puzzle carpet mat on high-quality EVA pubic material with a carpet. One side of the mat has a carpet overlay. Makes an area of 166 cm * 206 cm. A total of 3.4 square meters.


  • Made of high quality EVA foam
  • approx. 40 x 40 x 1.4 cm
  • simple, complete, safe laying thanks to the puzzle plug-in shape
  • optimal damping properties, shock-absorbing and robust
  • an individually designed play corner or training area is made possible


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