Adidas adiZero Headguard black

Item number AdiZero Head Guard black - XS

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Adidas adiZero Headguard black

Adidas adiZero head protection. One of the lightest full-form heads in its class, with a total weight of less than 290 grams. Specially designed for kickboxing.
The head protector is ergonomically designed. The openings on the top and on the sides allow for optimal ventilation. The adjustment to the head is flexible thanks to a nylon velcro closure system at the chin and at the back. A fast opening and closing is also possible in hectic competition.
The inner and outer materials are washable, so that the helmet can be kept hygienically clean.
WAKO approved equipment.

- Optimum foam density for damping

- Open design for optimum ventilation

- Adjustment by Velcro closure

- Hygiene by washable material

- Size XS - XL

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