adidas Angel Bag 120 x 25 x 45 cm - 45 kg

Item number ADIBAC22EU-120

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With its special shape, the adidas Angel Bag is ideal for training combinations such as clinching, pushing, kicking and kneeing techniques. These techniques can be optimally trained through the shape of this angel bag. The punching bag is made of PU3G synthetic leather material, which is just as smooth, hard-wearing and looks like real leather. It can be easily attached to the metal eyelets. This angel bag is filled with small-cut pieces of textiles for optimal cushioning and a “scanned bag” - checked for metal objects for safety.

For which martial arts is the adidas Angel Bag suitable?

The punching bag is suitable for: Kickboxing, Muay Thai / Thai boxing, free fight, traditional boxing.

Advantages of the adidas Angel Bag

  •  Especially for training combinations
  •  Durable PU3G synthetic leather material
  •  Metal eyelets for chain suspension
  •  Filled with textiles for optimal cushioning


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