adidas Boxing Bag Classic Points 180 x 35 cm - 54 kg

Item number ADIBAC30EU-180

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The adidas Boxing Bag Classic Points has been specially designed for training combinations. The printed numbers can be called up and individual combinations for technique, coordination and speed can be trained. This punching bag is made of durable PU synthetic leather, is supplied with a chain suspension and is filled with textiles.

For which martial arts is the adidas Boxing Bag Classic Points suitable?

The punching bag is suitable for young and old, for amateurs and professionals. Both in the gym and at home.
The punching bag is suitable for: kickboxing, free fighting, traditional boxing, Thai boxing.

Advantages of the Boxing Bag Classic Point

  •  Printed numbers for individual training combinations
  •  Made of durable synthetic leather
  •  Metal eyelets for chain suspension (chain included)
  •  Filled with textiles for optimal cushioning


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