adidas Boxing Bag Lux 90cm

Item number ADIBAC18EUN-90

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The adidas Boxing Bag Lux is made of durable 2-ply polyurethane synthetic leather (PU) and its seams are extra-tightly stitched to prevent it from tearing out and thus offer you maximum durability and safety during powerful punch training. It is filled with textiles and like all of our punching bags, it is a “Scanned Bag” (electronically checked for metal objects).

What martial arts is the adidas Boxing Bag Lux suitable for?

The punching bag is suitable for young and old, for amateurs and professionals. Both in the gym and at home.

The punching bag is suitable for: kick boxing, free fighting, traditional boxing, Thai boxing.

What punch bag size do I need?

If you want to use the punching bag for both kicks and punches as an adult, you need a length of 150 cm or 180 cm. The punching bag then hangs at the right height for both low and high kicks. The punching bag also hangs at the right height for punches. In this length, the punching bag is also nice and heavy and does not swing so much during training.
If you only want to use the punching bag as an adult to train the punches, a length of 120 cm is suitable. This punching bag is then so heavy that the punching bag does not swing in all directions.
The 90 cm punching bag is suitable for children up to 12 years who want to buy a punching bag.

Available in the following sizes and colors:
- approx. 90 x 30 cm ± 20kg

Advantages of the Boxing Bag Lux

  •  Made from durable 2-layer synthetic leather
  •  Extra tightly stitched seams for max. longevity
  •  Incl. Chain to hang up
  •  Filled with textiles - Scanned Bag (electronically controlled on metal objects)


You're unsure about the size? Then check our size chart

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