adidas trolley bag T.Trolley L black

Item number CY6058

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You can store everything in this large trolley when you travel. Everything is safe in the various compartments and your shoes can also be stored in a separate compartment. The telescopic handle and the smooth-running castors make transport very easy for you. Inside the case has a separate dirty laundry net, which is integrated into the tensioning cross, with which you can fix the laundry inside.

Advantages of the adidas T.Trolley L roller bag

  •  integrated separate shoe compartment
  •  100% polyester
  •  Expandable volume
  •  Size: 29 x 41 x 78 cm, from 76 L
  •  telescopic handle; additional handles on both sides and above and below
  •  Name tag compartment on the back
  •  multifunctional compartments


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