Adidas Speed Gel Bag Glove in black / white

Item number Speed Gel Bag Glove - L/XL

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Adidas Speed Gel Bag Glove

Adidas Speed Punch Glove / Speed Gel Glove, for flexible use! Suitable for use with boxing pears, sandbags and light partner exercises.
The Speed Bag Glove has a gel padding and the outer hand is made of calf leather. The palm is made of PU3G synthetic leather.
The closure with STRAP-UP technology, which ensures a very good fit on the wrist due to the flexible material.

  • Hand made of calf leather
  • Gel padding on the outside
  • Palm made of PU3G synthetic leather
  • STRAP-UP technology
  • Sizes: S/M, L/XL

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