Delivery & Forwarding charges

All deliveries are covered by insurance until 500,- Euro

Delivery to Germany:
We offer flat rate forwarding charges of only 4,90 € with GLS and 5,90 € DHL

Delivery to other countries:
You can find the shipingcosts for you country in the table below.
If you need a delivery in a country that is not mentioned here please get in contact with us.

Australia * 29,99 EUR
Belgium 9,99 EUR
Bulgaria 9,99 EUR
Canada * 29,99 EUR
Denmark 9,99 EUR
Estonia 9,99 EUR
Finland 9,99 EUR
France 9,99 EUR
Greece 9,99 EUR
Great Britain 9,99 EUR
Ireland 9,99 EUR
Italy 9,99 EUR
Japan * 29,99 EUR
Lativa 9,99 EUR
Liechtenstein 9,99 EUR
Lithuania 9,99 EUR
Luxembourg 9,99 EUR
Malta 9,99 EUR
Monaco 9,99 EUR
Netherlands 9,99 EUR
New Zealand * 29,99 EUR
Norway * 9,99 EUR
Austria 9,99 EUR
Poland 9,99 EUR
Portugal 9,99 EUR
Rumania 9,99 EUR
Russian Federation * 24,99 EUR
Sweden 9,99 EUR
Swizerland * 9,99 EUR
Slovakia 9,99 EUR
Slovenia 9,99 EUR
South Africa * 29,99 EUR
Spain 9,99 EUR
Czech Republic 9,99 EUR
Turkey * 24,99 EUR
Ukraine * 29,90 EUR
United Arab Emirates * 29,99 EUR
Hungary 9,99 EUR
Cyprus 9,99 EUR


* Delivery to Swizerland and to other Non-EU-Countries:
We deliver your order to Swizerland and to other Non-EU-Countries without German-VAT. Please note that you have to pay customs taxes, duties and the VAT of your country.Our shop-system shows you the net amout without VAT. A delivery to Swizerland and to other Non-EU-Countries is only possible until an amout of 999 € net. Up to 1000 € net there is a complex customs clearance proceses that we don´t offer. In this case you can spilt of course your order into two.
Delivery time
The delivery time takes normally 2-7 working days.
It depends on the country of destination.
If a product is out of stock, we will inform you immediately.
The delivery time can take in this cases 14 or more working days.


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