King Shorts KPB/BT 4 Black/red with big King Logo

Item number KPB/BT 4 M

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'KPB' Muay Thai shorts are extremely comfortable and designed for action.
The shorts have a cool modern design that looks a bit different than the traditional muaythai shorts

A U-shaped opening on the sides provides better legroom.
Crafted with great care, the best satin and reinforced seams promises the shorts an unparalleled longevity.
They're designed to just work in the toughest of fights. Durable and fashionable, with mesh side panels & several high-quality embroideries.
KING is known worldwide for its impeccable workmanship and premium fabric quality.

Thaiboxing pants / Muay Thai shorts by "KING"
Absolute top quality - made in Thailand
Excellent workmanship
Fabric: Noble satin.

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