Phantom MMA Boxing Gloves "Blackout" black/white PU

Item number MMA Blackout PU - S

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In developing this Phantom MMA Blackout glove, Phantom has focused on essential things and reduced unnecessary weight. The result is a real combat glove, which has proved its reliability even in countless battles worldwide. We are sure that you too will be convinced.

MMA combat glove for competition and training

This Phantom MMA glove with an official weight of 4 ounces is ideal for both the competition and the training. Whether in the cage or on the sandsack - on the "Blackout" you can rely on.
When designing, Phantom uses a sleek design with a solid, thin padding. The Velcro closure is long enough to strengthen your wrist optimally, but does not hinder you in grappling.

Latest materials for maximum performance

The "Blackout PU" glove brings all the advantages of a leather model, but it consists of a new, modern and very resistant polyurethane. This material is very durable, easy to clean and comfortable on your skin. An additional advantage is the favorable price and the good feeling that no animal has been damaged in the entire manufacturing process.

High quality glove

The high-quality PU material, equipped with a high-tech padding, offers you great comfort. Your ankle is protected by special padding even in hard blows well against injuries. The inside of the Blackout MMA glove is equipped with a very comfortable polyester / cotton material, which fits comfortably to your hand and does not cause friction.

Color and design

On the Phantom MMA Blackout glove the famous Phantom logo is placed very large obliquely. The design is intentionally aggressive - so you are the eye-catcher in the gym and the cage. So that every taste is something, there is this Fight glove in different color combinations.
So you can complement your MMA outfit perfectly.

    - MMA combat glove for competition and training
- Material made of a new PU material
- Extra long velcro closure to stabilize the wrist joint
- High-tech padding for the protection of the hand knuckles
- Aggressive Phantom MMA Design
- Available in different color combinations
- Color:  Black/White

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