Standing punching bag Basic black 186 cm

Item number W0-611484508 Basic

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Standing punching bag Basic is ideal for use in boxing and fitness sports. The base can be filled with sand or water Increases coordination and agility Ideally suited for technique training Ideal for use in boxing and fitness sports The Sport-Thieme free-standing punching bag: Can be set up anywhere in the room The Sport-Thieme free-standing punching bag is available in 2 versions: Basic and Flex. The difference between the two variants is that the flex version has a spring built into the base. Thus the punching bag is more flexible and gives way. The boxing trainer is 186 cm (Basic) or even 195 cm (Flex) high. Even tall people can train with the Punch cylinder. The training device weighs 29 kg when empty, so you can easily move it to another place. In order for the stand to withstand even the toughest hits, it must be filled with sand or water. Particularly practical: it does not need to be attached to the ceiling or wall: unpack the training device, fill the stand and the workout can start.Improve your technique The Sport-Thieme free-standing punching bag is perfect for technique training. The large hit area allows you to perform numerous kick and punch combinations. In addition to improving your technique, you will also increase your coordination and flexibility.

  • Area of ​​application training
  • Product type standing punching bag
  • Outer material PVC
  • Inner material PU foam
  • Dimensions ø 42-81x186 cm
  • Dimensions stand ø 81 cm
  • Filled weight 153 kg
  • Weight empty 29 kg
  • Height adjustability No.
  • Color: Black



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