Super Pro Combat Gear Double End Ball black

Item number SPKP150 schwarz

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This double end ball is made of robust synthetic leather and is very robust. You need to attach the ball to the floor and ceiling. In this way you can train your responsiveness, speed and coordination perfectly. Super Pro Combat Gear has been known for its exceptionally good quality since 1978. This is because there is no compromise on the choice of materials and comfort. The products are constantly being developed by leading trainers and world champions. You know better than anyone what requirements the products must meet.

Who is this Super Pro Combat Gear Double End Boxing Ball for?

This double end ball boxing ball is suitable for anyone who wants to improve their technique, speed and coordination.

What size is the Super Pro Combat Gear Double End boxing ball?

This boxing ball is 35 cm high and the diameter is 20 cm.

What are the benefits of the Super Pro Combat Gear Double End Boxing Ball?

  •  Perfect to train your technique
  •  Ideal for technique, speed and coordination
  •  Robust material

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