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Super Pro Cone punching bag 160 cm 45 kg

Item number SPKP207-90100

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The Super Pro Combat Gear punching bag guarantees absolute top quality, both at home and in the gym. Because of the conical shape of this punching bag, the training is more realistic. The punching bag is filled with a textile mix that absorbs kicks and shocks. The robust material on the outside is extremely durable. The punching bag is narrower at the bottom so that more concentration is required for the low kicks. So you get the effect of a moving enemy. The punching bag has a weight of approx. 45 kg. Super Pro Combat Gear has been known for its exceptionally good quality since 1978. This is because there is no compromise on the choice of materials and comfort. The products are constantly being developed by leading trainers and world champions. You know better than anyone what requirements the products must meet.

For which martial arts is this Super Pro Cone punching bag suitable?

This Super Pro Cone punching bag is suitable for young and old, for amateurs and professionals. Both in sports school and at home.
This Super Pro Cone punching bag is suitable for: kickboxing, martial arts, traditional boxing, Thai boxing, karate, taekwondo and cardio workouts.

Advantages of the Super Pro Cone punching bag

  •  Conically shaped
  •  For home use and in the gym
  •  Very durable bisonyl material
  •  Filled with a clean textile mixture of ideal hardness
  •  Extra strong seams to prevent tearing
  •  Delivered with the enclosed 4-point chain


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