Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts Matte / Black

Item number EU-VENUM-2040-MT-BC - L

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Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts Matte / Black S-XL

With every handmade product, they have a real combination of comfort and style.
The Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts has side slits that offer you great freedom of movement without restriction.
Its traditional elastic waistband ensures that it is well positioned around your waist with every stroke you make.
Our Muay Thai Shorts have a great design, with colorful hand sewn embroidery.
Insist on quality, elaborate design and comfort by getting your own pair of Venum Bangkok Inferno Muay Thai Shorts!


  • 100% polyester satin light: dry cleaning or hand wash only.
  • Embroidery "Muay Thai" hand stitched.
  • Traditional wide rubber band for comfort and support.
  • Side ventilation openings specially designed to increase your mobility.
  • Wider leg opening for an unsurpassed range of movement.
  • All handmade in Thailand.

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