Venum Gel Kontact Glove Wraps Gel Bandages / Gel Gloves black-grey

Item number VENUM-0181-114

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Venum Gel "Kontact" Glove Wraps Bandage

One of the best-selling Venum products are the Venum Gel Kontact Wraps / Gel Gloves that contribute to the great success of boxers of all ages and performance levels.
These can be worn under sandbag gloves and training gloves. They are a convenient alternative to boxing bandages and offer extra protection.
You can wear them without gloves for easy work on the bag, Speedbag, Grappling and more. The Gel Shock Protector shock absorption technique helps to protect and support the ankles, hands and wrists.

  • Elastic with neoprene and rubber palm for a secure fit.
  • Hook-and-loop tabs for better fixation of the wrist.
  • Price per pair
  • One size fits all

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