Venum Contact Gel Knee Pad Knee Pads Neoprene Gel for MMA / Muay Thai Boxing - Gray / Black

Item number VENUM-0178-203 - S

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Venum Kontact Gel Kneepads provide optimal shock absorption, perfect fit on the knee and unparalleled comfort!
With the Venum Gel Shock System ™ technology of the Kontact Gel Knee Protector, the patented design is the protection you want to put on during your sparring session.
This knee protection has an exclusive ventilation system on the back, which ensures effective ventilation.
We recommend the Venum Kontact Gel Kneepads for all practitioners looking for a product without compromise.

Product features:

Outside: 75% neoprene - 25% gel rubber
Interior: 100% cotton.
Ventilation system on the back.
Reinforced seams.
Venum logo
Price per pair

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