Victory Sports punching bag wall bracket - foldable up to 100 Kg

Item number VSB050

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This suspension for the Victory Sports punching bag is incredibly strong due to the extremely thick steel this suspension is made of. It is especially suitable for heavy-hanging punching bags up to 100 kg. This wall bracket can also be folded away so that the punching bag can always be hung on the side for more space when not exercising. The wall mount is extremely sturdy and can be used at home or in the gym. The wall bracket is supplied with fastening material.

For which punching bags is this holder suitable?

The suspension / wall bracket is suitable for all punching bags of all brands. The maximum weight of the wall bracket is 100 kg.

The suspension has a length of approx. 55 cm. The suspension point for the punching bag is approx. 55 cm away from the wall. This is more than sufficient to perform all of the punching bag exercises that occur. The width of the suspension system is 48 cm. How high should I attach the Victory Sports punching bag holder to the wall?
This depends on your height and the length of the punching bag.
You can calculate this as follows:

  •  The top of the punching bag should hang 10 cm above your height.
  •  Then comes the 30 cm fastening chain and then comes the wall bracket.

That means body height + 10 cm + 30 cm. This is the ideal height that you can always vary.

Advantages of the Victory Sports punching bag wall bracket - foldable

  •  Very robust and durable material
  •  suitable for all brands of punching bags
  •  the strongest of its kind
  •  easy to attach
  •  tested up to 100 kg
  •  For home use and in the gym


The statutory warranty claims apply to this Victory Sports punching bag wall bracket - foldable.


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