4Fighter Hoodie / Sweatshirt with pockets and hood black/neon orange

Item number 4FHDO

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4Fighter hoodie / sweater with pockets, drawcord hood and black / neon orange
Black Hoody 100% comfortable, high quality cotton. With neon orange contrasting pockets and drawstring hood neonorangener Polymesh. Highly fashionable and casual hoodie in figure-hugging. Large 4Fighter Shield logo in neon orange and white on the front. On the back with extravagant white-neonorangenem 4F Shield logo print. Small details make this hoody unusual and cool. On the hood with printed, neonorangenen Lines and white lettering "4fighter.com". Right arm embroidered in white with "Fight Life". Left arm front embroidered with 4 white and neonorangenen stars. Discreet lettering printed on the back in white shoulder, left "Fight & Live" right "Live & Fight". Perfect for sports and leisure. The soft interior makes for very comfortable to wear.


  •     Quality workmanship with qualitaivem logo print
  •     neon orange contrasting pockets
  •     In addition, the hood with drawstring is adjustable
  •     Neonorangenes Polymesh on the inside of the hood
  •     Highly fashionable and casual hooded in figure-hugging
  •     Large 4F Shield logo in neon orange and white on the right chest
  •     Neonorangene, printed Desgin lines on the hood
  •     White / neonorangener 4F Shield logo print on the back
  •     Printed on the back of the shoulder blades with white lettering "Fight & Live" and "Live & Fight"
  •     white embroidered logo on the right arm "Fight Life"
  •     embroidered on the left shoulder with 4 white stars and neonorangene front
  •     Soft interior material ensures high wearing comfort and cozy warmth
  •     Perfect for sports and leisure. A MUST TO HAVE for every martial friend
  •     100% Cotton

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Size: body weight

  •     S: 50 - 60 Kg
  •     M: 60 - 70 Kg
  •     L: 70 - 80 Kg
  •     XL: 80 - 90 Kg
  •     XXL: from 90 Kg

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