4Fighter Pink-Arrow Cool Line Boxing Gloves pink-black made of PU

Item number 4FBGSC-Arrow pink-black 10 oz

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4Fighter Red-Arrow Cool Line boxing gloves in pink-black look, palm in black and great, modern logo print.

Boxing gloves made of sturdy PU synthetic leather with shock-absorbing foam core, red-black surface with arrow design and large, inclined 4Fighter logo. With the COOL LINE mesh technology in the area around the fingers and palms of the glove, your hands can breathe, thus reducing the sweating of the hands during training, even under the most arduous conditions - stay cool, be cool with COOL LINE.
The wide Velcro closures make it easy to put on and take off the gloves and additionally stabilize the wrists. With sewn thumbs to reduce the risk of injury. Anatomically adapted to the shape of the fist, the COOL LINE gloves are ideal for all types of martial arts.

  • Made of high quality synthetic leather of the latest generation
  • Fixed thumb
  • Stabilization of the wrist with long velcro closure
  • Ergonomically shaped foam core
  • High shock absorption through special foam
  • Finger strip for better closing the hand
  • Palms with ventilation holes
  • Cool Line - Mesh ventilation insert for even better ventilation of the hands
  • for children and adults

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