4Fighter SPARTA Muay Thai Shorts High Rise orange-brown satin with blue Camo Sides NEW DESIGN

Item number 4FMTSL-07 L

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4Fighter SPARTA Muay Thai Shorts High Rise. Orange satin with blue Camo Sides
Unique design combined with absolute top quality.


  • Made in Thailand. Here Champions come from!
  • Excellent material processing, quality logos and designs
  • Especially narrow and elastic waistband with logo 4Fighter
  • Orange brown shorts with blue camouflage pages. The absolute eyecatcher in training and competition
  • 4Fighter, division and 300 in gold design give the pants a unique optical touch
  • Innovative and large slot forms on the sides provide better comfort and optimum legroom when kicking.
  • Interior equipped with a drawstring to customize and better grip.
  • 100% polyester (supple, lightweight and very sophisticated satin / Camo Side of plastic)

To best assess your size you please orienting the basis of the following guidelines:

Size: body weight
S: 40 - 50 Kg
M: 50 - 60 Kg
L: 60 - 70 Kg
XL: 70-80 Kg
XXL: 80-85 Kg

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