4Fighter 100 x 100 x 1 cm sports mat TATAMI blue - second choice

Item number 4FMATT-TA1B blau

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This mat is new B-goods, which may contain small manufacturing defects. There may be minor color and surface defects. It can be, but it doesn't have to be. These are usually only available on one side of the mat. So this is being offered as a new B share. SEE PICTURES for possible errors that can occur in the worst case.
Single-colored plug-in mat in gray with toothed edges, dimensions approx. 100 x 100 x 1 cm. Each plug-in mat is supplied with 2 edge pieces (approx. 2 cm wide).
This professional, high-quality reversible mat is approx. 10 mm thick. It is suitable for various sports where good posture is important.
This mat, designed as a plug-in mat, can be laid safely and, above all, seamlessly and easily, as the interlocking of the individual mats ensures that the mats are always firmly connected to one another and form a uniform surface.
The mat also offers optimal cushioning properties for your purposes. The high quality foam material used is shock-absorbing and robust. Due to the closed surface structure, the mat is completely washable and waterproof.
This sports mat can be used on both sides and an individual training area can be designed as desired.

• Made of high quality EVA foam
• approx. 100 cm x 100 cm x 1 cm
• There are 2 edge pieces on each mat
• Degree of hardness approx. 45
• The tatami surface is also ideal for boxing (with boxing boots), boxing, fitness and aerobics
• Easy, complete and safe installation thanks to the puzzle plug-in shape
• Optimal damping properties, shock absorbing and robust
• Fully washable and waterproof
• Refer to the Specifications tab below for more information



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Storage and transportation

• Please separate the teeth carefully and carefully to avoid damage
• Do not transport folded or rolled up
• store flat
• Do not place heavy objects on the mat surface
• Edges and pointed objects can damage the mats
• Shipping only possible as bulky goods

Laying mats

• Carefully remove the attached edge pieces
• It is important to press the mat and edge pieces up or down at the teeth so as not to damage them
• Place the mats on a flat and smooth surface
• In order to compensate for unevenness on the wall or to cut out objects in the room (eg columns or pipes), the mats can also be cut with a sharp knife
• Lie freely on the surface (never glue, screw or otherwise firmly bond to the floor)
• An expansion distance to walls or edges must be taken into account, as the foam can expand through use and temperature fluctuations
• You can use edge pieces for a neat edge finish


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