Kwon Contender Foot- and shinguard HQ skintex leather - black/red

Item number Kwon Contender - L

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The Kwon Contender Foot- and shinguard models brings to the already perfect design an even lighter weight. This protector is preferred by many top athletes because of it's design & long durability. The upholstery consists "multi-layered" shock-absorbing materials to avoid a shin injury during training.

  • High-quality skintex material processed and handmade.
  • Use of a high-quality synthetic leather.
  • With two extra wide velcro closures on the back.
  • A thick rubber is at the bottom of the foot and one at the back of the Achilles tendon
  • The more than 2 cm thick padding keeps all kicks and punches and guarantees 100% protection of the shinbone.
  • CE tested. For a safe training and a successful competition.

Size / Body Size

M: about 160-175cm
L: about 170-185cm

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