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Shock Doctor Mouthguard Kids Braces - pink for braces with box

Item number MGSD Youth Braces - pink

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The Shock Doctor Braces Mouthguard provides important protection for athletes with braces. Specially designed to fit the maxillary braces, providing protection for the entire head and face area.
This mouthguard is perfect right up to the age of 11 in each mouth, preventing cracking. He has a preformed outer layer, the anti-shock absorber provides maximum protection against damage to the teeth, jaw and gums and can also prevent concussion. The Shock Doctor Braces does not require any customization like a conventional face mask, but still has integrated breathing channels and is available in different colors. Made of 100% medical grade silicone, Braces Mouthguard adapts to changes in the oral structure and teeth.

A storage box is included in the package :-)

Best selling Mouthguard worldwide
Shock absorbing frame
Integrated respiratory channels
100% medical grade silicone
no adjustment needed

The statutory warranty claims apply to the Shock Doctor Braces mouthguard.

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