Super Pro

Super Pro PU Luxury punching bag 100 cm x Ø 35 cm ± 29 kg

Item number SPKP295-90100 100cm

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The PU Luxury punching bag is a leather-look punching bag with double-processed material. The inside consists of PVC-coated, woven canvas, the outside material of very thick synthetic leather. As a result, a very thick outer shell was created, which is why the punching bag always retains a smooth, clean appearance even after long use. On the side there are four extra reinforced straps with rings for hanging the punching bag. All seams of the punching bag are sewn multiple times to prevent tearing. Super Pro Combat Gear has been known for its exceptionally good quality since 1978. This is because there is no compromise on the choice of materials and comfort. The products are constantly being developed by leading trainers and world champions. You know better than anyone what requirements the products must meet.

Benefits of the punching bag

  •  Robust and suitable for everyone
  •  Double-walled material
  •  For home use and in sports school
  •  Very durable synthetic leather
  •  Filled with a clean textile mix with ideal hardness
  •  Extra strong seams against tearing out
  •  Is supplied with the enclosed 4-point chain

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