Twins professional leather boxing gloves with innovative padding of the outside / black

Item number BGVL-6 black 16 Oz

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Twins professional leather boxing gloves BGVL 6 BLACK

  • Made of high quality Thai leather
  • Innovative padding on the outside of the glove provides even more protection, stabilizes even more the wrist and allows an even harder training and sparring
  • Sturdy high quality and durable Velcro closure on the inside
  • The Twins Boxing Gloves are designed to withstand immense loads of all world-class athletes who place emphasis on their equipment.
  • The construction helps to improve the correct shape and force of the stroke; The additional hand padding helps to beat particularly hard and hard sandbags as well as the sparring with a partner. These exceptional gloves provide you with the functionality and durability Twins Special is known for worldwide recognized quality in decades.
  • The arm part is equipped with a wide and high-quality padding. This allows a fast secure fit that supports the wrist without sacrificing comfort.
  • Whether you're looking for traditional boxing, Muaythai or MMA's application, you will not find a glove on the market that has better quality with these features.
  • As with all Twins products, the design, functionality and optics are unmatched. All our boxing gloves are made in the finest quality,
  • With a dense upholstery, each individual glove is handmade using first class 100% Thai leather.

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