UFC OPRO GOLD - red / metal silver

Item number MGUFC opro Gold - red/silver

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The easy-to-fit mouthguard features 13 anatomically shaped gel bars that are adapted to the morphology of the teeth. These soften when molded, adapt to the anatomy of the teeth perfectly and provide an optimal, customized inner channel which ensures an ideal protection of the teeth. Thanks to the stretch zones of the mouth guard, it adapts to almost any mouth and the wide-open palate makes it easier to speak and breathe, while the mouthguard is worn.

Unique features of the Gold Mouthguard:

Patented fins provide a very good grip after molding.
Fitting frame ensures a minimal thickness of the bite surface and supports the adjustment process.
Unique air cushion technology adds comfort, cushioning and protection.
Biomaster Antimicrobial Protection is proven to inhibit the growth of bacteria by up to 99.99%.
Dental guarantee for additional safety.
Suitable for ages 10+
Suitable for all contact sports.
Not suitable for wearers of fixed braces.
Specially designed antimicrobial shell inspired by the UFC Octagon.

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