Venum Original Giant T-Shirt - black / Jungle camo

Item number VENUM-02597-121 - S

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Train like a giant with the Venum Original Giant T-Shirt. Worn by the best athletes, it falls into the category of the most popular shirts of the Brazilian label.
The shirt has fulfilled the high standards of the MMA Champions who have worn it. The Venum Original Giant T-Shirt has a strong and aggressive design.
The used grunge effect on the logos creates a unique look that you'll love.

The Venum Original Giant T-Shirt is made of high quality, durable cotton, a soft and durable fabric.
The shirt is suitable for a sporty, athletic look, but also as a lifestyle shirt of the highest perfection.

Technical details

  • Cracked Screen Print: Grunge effect
  • 100% cotton for comfort
  • Super soft, comfortable and durable fabric
  • Venum logo
  • Sporty fit

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