4Fighter Free Fight / MMA / UFC Grappling Shorts / Pants Black-Red XS - XXXL

Item number 4FMMAS-02 Black/Red M

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The brand new 4Fighter Free Fight Shorts in black-red with white-red printing, are available in sizes XS to XXXL.
Suitable for MMA, UFC and Mixed Martial Arts fighters and also for other martial arts.

  •      4Fighter Submission / Mixed Martial Arts MMA trousers
  •      With long slits on the sides, which provide optimum legroom
  •      High quality material, top-notch processing
  •      with elastic waistband and cotton cords for an optimal fit
  •      made of special microfiber material for a lightweight, comfortable fit
  •      In addition, provided with lycra fabric at the inner leg, for huge freedom of movement
  •      Can also ideal as leisure trousers to be worn for bodybuilding and other sports activities

To best assess your size, beg oriented to the following benchmarks:

  •      Height Weight
  •      XS: 30 - 45kg
  •      S: 45 - 55kg
  •      M: 55 - 65kg
  •      L: 65 - 75kg
  •      XL: 75 - 85kg
  •      XXL: 85 - 90kg
  •      XXXL: 90 - 95kg

You're unsure about the size? Then check our size chart

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