Twins professional Leather Boxing Gloves Muay Thai Kickboxing Boxing /BGVL3-2T/BK-10 black grey

Item number BGVL3-2T black grey 10 oz

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Twins Professional Leder Boxing Gloves BGVL3-2T/BK-10 black grey

  • made of best leather
  • long velcro closure
  • Twins Velcro wrist strap boxing gloves are made to withstand the immense pressures that world-class athletes put upon their equipment.
  • The 8 and 10 oz gloves are designed for competition bouts or bag/pad work. The 12, 14 and 16oz gloves are ideal for general training and sparring. The heavier gloves provide a rigorous workout and the attached thumb design prevents injuries.
  • The design helps improve the proper form and power of punching; the extra hand padding is designed for hitting the heavy bag or sparring with a partner. These exceptional gloves will impress you with the functionality and long-lasting durability Twins is specialy known for.
  • The wrist strap uses a Velcro closure; this allows a quick secure fit that supports the wrist without giving up comfort.
  • Whether you are training in western boxing, muaythai, or MMA you won't find better quality gloves on the market.
  • As with all Twins products the design, functionality, and the look are unsurpassed. All of our Boxing Gloves are made from the finest quality, high density padding and each one is crafted by hand from premium 100% Thai leather.

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