4Fighter PRO foot & shin guards / instep protectors elastic black-red also for children

Item number 4FSGAT-PRO Black-Red L/XL

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4Fighter foot and shin guards / shin guards instep protectors

  • Excellent 1A TOP quality and workmanship
  • Robust and stable padding
  • Cushions are sewn into the protector (no annoying slipping)
  • Cotton stretch fabric (elastic) with inlaid foam pads
  • Easy and quick to slip on (like in a sock)
  • Velcro fastener also ensures an even better hold!
  • Modern logo print with 4Fighter logo on the shin and 4F logo on the instep

In order to assess your size as best as possible, please use the following guidelines:

Height / height
XXS / XS /: 135-155cm
S / M: 155-170cm
L / XL: 175-190cm



You're unsure about the size? Then check our size chart

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