KWON Low Waist Muay Thai Shorts silver

Item number Kwon Evolution silver - M

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KWON Low Waist Muay Thai Shorts with black mesh sides and lining
Unique design combined with absolute top quality.
Provides more legroom and an unforgettable performance in competition and training.
High quality.

  • Made for Champions!
  • Outstanding material processing, high-quality logos and designs
  • Innovative, narrow elastic low-waist waistband (no longer turn around)
  • Large slots on the sides in a unique look
  • Mash at the sides ensures perfect comfort and the large slots ensure optimal leg-freeness during kicks.
  • Stylish outlines give the trousers an extravagant look
  • 100% polyester (cuddly, light and very noble nylon)
  • The pants are low waist (narrow waist) and do not have to be pulled up to the belly button.

In order to estimate your size as best as possible please follow the following guidelines:

Size: body weight
S: 50-60 Kg
M: 60 - 70 Kg
L: 70-80 Kg
XL: 75 - 85 Kg
XXL: from 85 Kg

You're unsure about the size? Then check our size chart

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