Prajead - traditional Muay Thai martial jewelry 15. / 16. Khan gold

Item number PJ-Khan-gold

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To make Muay Thai / Thai boxing internationally known, a grading system was introduced, which is distinguished by the colors of the Mongkols and Prajeads. The steps are divided into khans. The graduation is on the student aligned form to the teacher and thus contains an exercise management training, referee training bishin to auditors licenses that can be purchased from the earliest 13.Khan.

Beginners learn zunächts alone with no partner or device contact:

Basic techniques of combat stance training block techniques, step teaching, evasive techniques, striking techniques, case school

The waiting time between the Khans at least 3 Moante

1.Khan white
2.Khan yellow
3.Khan yellow-white
4.Khan green

Advanced learn with easy partner and device contact:

Partner techniques, impact strength, speed, reflexes

The waiting time between the Khans is at least 4-6 months.

5.Khan green-white
6.Khan blue
7.Khan blue-white
8.Khan brown
9.Khan brown-white
10.Khan red

The professional training includes intensive equipment training, partner work (clinching) and sparring (practice fighting).

The waiting time between graduations shall be at least 6 months.

11.Khan red and white: Trainee Instructor - Kru Feuk Sorn
12.Khan violet: Assistant Instructor - Kru Phuchuay
13.Khan purple and white: Qualified Instructor - Kru

The graduation for 14.Khan (silver: Ajarn) is an honorary awarded by the IFMA / WMC Khan Degree Commission due to a nomination by the National Association for Distinguished Services to the Muay Thai at home. In recognition of worldwide services to the Muay Thai of 15.Khan (gold: Grand Master - Ajarn Yai) are determined by the Khan Degree Commission also and 16.Khan (gold: Grand Master - Por Ra Ma Jarn) awarded.

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