Safejawz mouthguard Extro series Shark Blue / White Senior

Item number SJSHARKa

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This mouthguard from the Intro series by Safejawz consists of 2 layers for optimal damping. Fluid-Fit is used so that the protector can be fully adapted to your teeth. This keeps the mouthguard perfectly in position during training. Safejawz's Jaw Secure technology ensures that your lower teeth are also protected, even though it's a single mouthguard. Due to the unique shape of the lower part, you can let your teeth into the mouthguard. This ensures that both your teeth and your jaw are perfectly protected. The face mask can be adjusted up to three times if you are not completely satisfied with the fit.

Who should use the Safejawz Extro series face mask?

The mouthguard is suitable for juniors and seniors at every level.

When do I need a junior or senior face mask?

You can usually use the following information:
- Senior: from 12 years

Advantages of the Safejawz Extro series mouthguard

  •  Double face mask
  •  Fluid fit for a perfect fit
  •  Jaw Secure for optimal protection
  •  Remodel Tech - customize your protector up to 3x


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