4Fighter PRO Foot + Shinguard elastic Instep black-pink also for Kids

Item number 4FSGAT-PRO Black-Pink S/M

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4Fighter foots and Shin Guards / Shin Guards clamping saver     Top Moderate 1A TOP quality and workmanship

  •      Robust and stable cushioning inserts
  •      Pads are sewn into the protectors (no annoying slipping)
  •      Cotton-stretch fabric (elastic) with inserted foam pads
  •      Quick and easy to slip on (like in a sock)
  •      Velcro also ensures better grip!
  •      Modern Logo print with 4Fighter logo on the shin and 4F logo at the instep

In order to best assess your size you please orienting the basis of the following guidelines:

     Size / Height

  • XXS/XS/: 135-155cm
  • S/M:         155-170cm
  • L/XL:       175-190cm

You're unsure about the size? Then check our size chart

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