We at 4Fighter warmly welcome you to our boxing gloves category. We offer a wide range of different brands. These differ in the material, weight and goal of the training or, in other words, just like a craftsman chooses his tool for a certain task, so you choose your boxing glove. Finding the right boxing glove is therefore sometimes not that easy - we will support you with it. If you need help to find the right boxing glove for you, we will be happy to help you. More information and advice

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Find the right size

First things first, boxing gloves have no sizes. The ounces given for boxing gloves are the weight. 1 ounce is 28.349523g and 10 ounces are 283.49523g, with this information you can calculate the weight yourself. Boxing gloves are made so that the weight is equal to the ounces. Logically, the boxing gloves with higher ounces are larger and those with fewer ounces are of course smaller. There are many manufacturers of boxing gloves and since so many factors come together in the production process, the exact ounces down to the last gram are often not taken into account. Of course, the question now is how big or small a boxing glove will be. This can be completely different for the same brand but for a different model. However, bandages in various lengths and inner gloves help you to achieve an ideal fit. For adults and adolescents, we generally recommend using at least 12 ounces, or even 14 ounces, for training. Normally 10 ounces are intended for competitions (can be regulated differently in individual cases depending on the association, age, gender and martial arts). Basically, everyone has to get into the ring with 10 ounces. Everything under 10 ounces is for children, women or teenagers with small hands. If I want to concentrate more on sparring then at least 14 ounces or even better 16 ounces is definitely the right weight. How so? Firstly, you have more material in hand, which not only protects you but also your partner from injuries and you can give even more gas to prepare for competitions without fear. Another advantage of higher ounces is that if you train with 14 ounces, for example, and then carry 10 ounces in combat, then these are noticeably lighter. You are then even faster and more powerful because your hands will feel like they fly away (similar to jogging boxes with weights or like jogging with weight cuffs on your feet) when you take them off then your hands or feet fly. In training you immediately get used to a few grams more and in competition it becomes easier :-) Every gym and every trainer has their preferences with what the students should train. As a teenager or adult, we recommend 12 ounces or 14 ounces for training. If you are 1.90 meters tall then you logically take more ounces to protect your training partner and to wear something that you can also feel. However, if you weigh 45 kg and are 1.5 meters tall, then it is logical that the glove should not be larger than you :-) For children, you can orientate our models according to the child's age and the same ounces as the age to buy. If my child is 3-4 years old, I take 4 ounces. If my child is 5 or 6 years old then the 6 ounces etc. Remember: Every child grows faster or slower, is smaller or larger, is more delicate or stronger. As a mother and father, you have now received all the information and the rest is up to you. We also have a small calculation aid in the form of a size table

Find the right material for your boxing gloves

The question of leather or synthetic leather (PU) is mainly due to the wallet (and whether you are a vegan). Cheap boxing gloves made of PU are ideal as children's boxing gloves and as an entry-level model. They cost less and you can get a taste of boxing first. We also recommend bandages or inner gloves, these offer you first stability and second you can wash them. PU does not breathe like leather and the smell of sweat can develop faster than with leather. Leather is recommended if you are willing to invest a few more euros. Leather boxing gloves are more durable, of higher quality and you have something solid around your hand.

Our brands

We carry Adidas, Venum, Twins, King, Paffen-Sport, UFC, Everlast and other top brands. Our house brand 4Fighter rounds off the range with unbeatable prices in top quality. If you are missing a brand here, please contact us and we will try to find a suitable solution.